Letters of support

The Save Middlesex Philosophy campaign has now received more than a thousand letters of support from across the world opposing the closure of the department. We’ve published a small sampling of them below. Some of the more recent letters are signed by entire departments. We’ve also received letters or statements of support from the following associations:

AAP (Australasian Association of Philosophy)
APA (American Philosophical Association)
BPA (British Philosophical Association)
CPA (Canadian Philosophical Association)
CIPh (Collège International de Philosophie)
CSCP (Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy)
Croatian Philosophical Society
IPA (Irish Philosophical Association)
Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research
SFP (Société Française de Philosophie)
SPEP (Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy)

Letter to Times Higher Education (Alain Badiou, Judith Butler, Antonio Negri, Gayatri Spivak, Slavoj Zizek, and many others)

Ali Alizadeh
American Philosophical Association statement
Ansell-Pearson, Beistegui, Houlgate
Emily Apter
Architecture and Visual Arts colleagues
Derek Attridge
Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy
BPA-AAP-APA joint letter
Neil Badmington
Étienne Balibar
Balibar et al., An Open Letter to the Board of Governors (for NYRB)
Andrew Barry
Adam Bartlett, Justin Clemens & colleagues
Jon Beasley-Murray
Adam Beck
Miguel de Beistegui
Geoffrey Bennington
Birkbeck UCU
Antonia Birnbaum
Simon Blackburn
Ina Blom
Iain Boal
Jean-Claude Bonne
Ray Brassier
Nathan Brown, Cetinić et al, Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy
Werner Busch (AIPPh)
Alex Callinicos
Canadian Philosophical Association statement
Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy
Edward Casey (APA)
Noam Chomsky
Justin Clemens
Cornell Romance Languages and Literatures
Counter-Mapping QMary project
Simon Critchley

Croatian Philosophical Society
Keith Crome
Martin Crowley
David Cunningham
Neal Curtis
François Cusset
Nicholas Davey
Vincent Debaene
Duke University, Students of the Graduate Program in Literature and the Polygraph Editorial Collective
Robin Durie
David Durling
Alex Garcia Düttmann
Robert Eaglestone
Stuart Elden
Tom Eyers
Howard Feather
Oliver Feltham and AUP colleagues
Robert Fine
Mark Fisher
Jeremy Gilbert
Andy Goffey
Goldsmiths Department of Media & Communication
Goldsmiths Department of Sociology
Goldsmiths Department of Visual Culture
The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (Dublin), researchers’ letter
Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (Dublin) staff letter
Martin Hägglund
Paul Hamilton
Michael Hardt
Elizabeth Harvey
Mark Hewitson
Dominiek Hoens
Eugene Holland
John Holmwood
Jonathan Hope
Stephen Houlgate
Kimberly Hutchings
Institut für Medienwissenschaft der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Gareth James
Ian James
Deborah Jenson
Adrian Johnston
Antoinette Koleva
Cecile Laborde
Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond
Jacqueline Lichtenstein
Ian Maclachlan
William Marshall
Stewart Martin
Brian Massumi
Todd May
Maeve McCusker
Gregor McLennan
Tracy McNulty
Alan McPherson
Dustin McWherter
Michael Moriarty
John Mullarkey
Marie Muracciole
Michael Neocosmos
F Nick Nesbitt
Richard Noble
Benjamin Noys
Aislinn O’Donnell
Raj Patel
Paul Patton
Peter Pál Pelbart
Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research
Wesley Phillips
Adrian Piper
Richard Pithouse
Will Potter
Nina Power
John Protevi
Jason Read
Kenneth Reinhard
Revue Internationale des Livres et des Idées
John David Rhodes
Adrian Rifkin
Corey Robin
Jacqueline Rose
Alison Ross
Naoki Sakai
Eric Schliesser
Alan Schrift
Daniel Selcer
Beverley Skeggs
Daniel W Smith
Société Réaliste
Society for European Philosophy
Kate Soper
SPEP letter
SPEP Statement
John Stokes
Kenneth Surin
Alberto Toscano
University of Windsor Faculty Association
Verso Books
David Webb
Gareth Williams
James Williams
Alenka Zupancic


16 Responses to Letters of support

  1. Eric Alliez says:

    From Ernesto Neto

    dear eric

    what a shame!!!!! there is just two things in common between the two war movies avatar and the hurt locker (oscar winner), both treat the intellectuals as idiots

    hugs e

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  3. N.H. says:

    It’s difficult for Middlesex staff to come forward and post on the Facebook group or sign the petition, for fear that we might be next or get fired. You can be sure though, that there are many of us who fully support the actions of the Philosophy students, who see the cutting of these programmes as cutting at the foundation of the university, and consider the fact that the executive and the dean have failed to meet with you all, as a serious and sad demonstration of their level of respect for our students. Many staff would have liked to see senior staff meet you straight away and see less of the silly nonsense from contractors about “fear” at what was clearly a peaceful student protest, for a very just cause.

    Many of us are actually very proud to see our students fight for their university and we wish you the best of luck and hope you manage to reverse this very sad and short-sighted decision.

    If Philosophy goes, so too does a level of respect many of us have for the institution we pour so much into. How embarrassing to see so many of our colleagues and partners across the UK, Europe and abroad expressing shock and dismay at this limited decision. You are striking a blow against the university’s reputation, which hurts, but is for just reasons all the same.

    On behalf of the silent majority at Middlesex. Congratulations on a well run campaign and we wish you all well in your continued efforts.

  4. We are disgusted at your management’s decision to cut your highly renowned Philosophy course. We believe that, as shown with Tower Hamlets College and elsewhere, it is direct action such as the occupation you are inspirationally and courageously (in light of the severe repression of occupants in Sussex and beyond) undertaking that gets results.
    Consequently, we fully support your continued occupation, and offer our complete support and solidarity with your struggle to save Philosophy.

    In solidarity,
    Oxford Anti Cuts

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  7. K.C says:

    It’s sad that things have come to this. So which programs are next? I’m on a program which is probably not commercially viable, but it’s disgusting that they are attacking us and our futures!

    Why can’t the government give up this ridiculous reduction in education, and actually pay for their mistakes! Why is it that the future generations have to suffer for the governments mistakes?

    I fullly support your occupation. I can’t join you all, but you have support! You stand for all the ‘little’ courses in Middlesex, the ones that will pay next if you lose this battle. Keep going guys, stand for all of us that aren’t ‘commercially viable’.

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  10. Matt Raine, Secretary Birmingham University UNISON says:

    Its disgraceful that our Universities are being treated as businesses. Education is a right and essential part of any democratic society. Keep up the campaign, we learnt at Birmingham University last year that the public campaign has to continue, don’t be bought off by any fake consultation – its action that wins results

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  12. DB says:

    I send solidarity from the philosophy department at Sussex. We’ve had our fair share of problems, though nothing so starkly directed at our own department.
    Just to say hang in there – the management sought an injunction against our own sit-in which we broke. Having persevered, our requests were met. Do not be afraid in the face of management pressure.
    Remember that if you’ve pushed them this far, you are having an effect.
    I wish you the very best!

  13. Juliet Flower MacCannell says:

    I participated in the first actually international meeting of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature in 1982 at Trent Park on the campus of what was then Middlesex Polytechnic . The rise of its philosophy programme since, which has been nothing short of spectacular, should have given the administration of this university cause for celebration and reason to honor it.

    It is appalling that ‘managers’ have now been substituted for intelligent stewards of university and philosophical thought. If they are, as in our country, paid many times more than actual professors and lecturers, it is little wonder they hold the latter in low esteem, given that ‘managers’ are now well schooled in disdain for anything that is not measured by money.

    This event is now cause for great anger around the world.

    Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine

  14. Tahmeena Bax says:

    I support any protest to save the Middlesex University Philosophy Department. Lecturers should always be allowed to teach and Students should always be allowed to learn. Education is right, not a privilege.

    Tahmeena Bax
    QMUL Student Representative,
    Incoming QMUL Black Students Officer

  15. Harry Gilonis says:

    As whoever it was said, all of philosophy is just a set of footnotes to Hegel; and it’s true here too: “When philosophy paints its own greyness in grey, then has a form of life grown old, and cannot be rejuvenated by this grey grey, but only known…”. The mismanagement of Middlesex university (not merely its philosophy department), and its cavalier disregard for concensus and debate, can only now be met with what Hegel clearly had in mind: grey-listing. This is looming for other universities headed by money-happy quangocrats, and has elsewhere proved efficacious.

  16. Hello
    Please check out the new dossier on Impact and the UK on the Journal of Social Text Website-two of us have written about Middlesex in support of your campaign-

    Also, please leave comments and share the landing page link as often as possible to and hopefully continue conversation about the issues raised by what happened in Middlesex-there is also a lot of other relevant stuff on the crisis in the Universities in the UK.

    The direct link is: http://www.socialtextjournal.org/periscope/impact/.

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