Lichtenstein letter

De : Jacqueline Lichtenstein

Date : 2 mai 2010 09:52:48 HAEC

À :,,,

Objet : closing philosophy programs

Dear Vice-Chancellor, deputy Vice Chancellors, Dean of the school of Arts and education

I was deeply shocked in discovering that the University executive are to close all Philosophy programmes: undergraduate, postgraduate and MPhil/PhD in Middlsex university. The philosophy department at Middlsex University is a first rate philosophy department in the UK and one of the few teaching modern european philosophy. The center for research in Modern européen philosophy is internationally renowed and we have developed through the past years multiple links with it. I really hope you will reverse this decision completely unjustifiable, even for economic reasons,

Jacqueline Lichtenstein
Professor of philosophy of art
Université Paris-Sorbonne
Co-Chair of the department of philosophy
Vice president for the international affairs

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