Police charge Alfie Meadows

The Metropolitan police have charged Alfie Meadows, Middlesex philosophy student, with ‘violent disorder’, after bludgeoning him with a baton at the student demonstration in London on 9th December 2010.

There is an ongoing IPCC investigation into this assault by the police. The charge gives every appearance of being an attempt to discredit a victim of police violence in advance of the IPCC findings.

The official response of the police is disturbing enough. For further insight into the state of mind of some members of the police in Britain 2011, follow these links, with their attached comments:



Apparently, rumour-mongering, crass insinuation, personal abuse, malice, callousness and general contempt for the public are acceptable forms of behaviour from the police today, as long as they are carried out anonymously. The comments on this website suggest that some members of the police have completely lost their moral compass.

Statement from Alfie’s solicitor, Sarah McSherry:

Alfie Meadows sustained brain injury having been struck on the head with a baton by a Metropolitan Police officer at a protest about tuition fees on 9 December 2010. That assault is the subject of an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, (IPCC). The IPCC are also examining the decision making process by the Metropolitan Police Service which led to Alfie and other young people being placed at risk of significant harm. It is anticipated that the IPCC investigation will conclude shortly. Yesterday the Metropolitan Police charged Alfie with violent disorder. Alfie strongly denies the charge and will plead not guilty.

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1 Response to Police charge Alfie Meadows

  1. julia says:

    Did you say the police have LOST their moral compass?

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