Blom letter

De : Ina Blom
Date : 29 avril 2010 15:20:51 HAEC
À :,,,
Objet : philosophy at Middlesex

Dear Sirs, dear Madam,

I am writing to you to express my concern with your decision to end all of the philosophy programs at Middlesex University, including the internationally renowned MA and PhD degrees. I am extremely surprised that a university willingly closes down one of its most productive and original hubs of scholarship and research –  particularly at a moment when student numbers are increasing.

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy holds a unique position in the academic community, both in the UK and internationally, and its activities, staff and publications are eagerly followed by colleagues from all over the world. My own faculty has benefited from extensive exchanges with key personnel from this centre – among other things through our doctoral programs – and we were hoping to develop and expand these contacts in the future.

Your decision seems to go against the grain of the most commonly held ideas about the principles of university management and academic life, and I am afraid this decision may damage the reputation of Middlesex both in the short and long run.

I do hope you will consider revising your current plan of action.


Ina Blom
Department of Philosophy, Classics,
History of Art and Ideas
University of Oslo
Box 1020 Blindern
0315 Oslo

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