Smith letter

3 May 2010

Michael Driscoll, Vice-Chancellor of the University
Waqar Ahmad, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise
Margaret House, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic
Ed Esche, Dean of the School of Arts & Education

I am writing to join those who have voiced their concern over the decision to eliminate philosophy at Middlesex.

I was a Visiting Leverhulme Fellow at CRMEP in 2007-2008, and I can testify firsthand to the fact that philosophy at Middlesex has a worldwide reputation as one of the leading centers for the study of contemporary philosophy (as indicated by their RAE score, graduate recruitment, the international reputation of their faculty, etc.).

I realize that, in the present climate, universities in both the USA and UK are under various financial and restructuring constraints, which no doubt led to this decision. But as someone who has worked in administration, I would strongly urge you to reconsider this initiative. The academic excellence of the research produced at CRMEP may not be an easily measureable contribution to the university, in financial terms, but it is undoubtedly an essential factor in the international standing that Middlesex University has hitherto enjoyed in the academic community. Reconsidering this decision on the basis of the response of the worldwide philosophical community would demonstrate that the administration is willing to put Middlesex at the forefront of rethinking the role of the university in the midst of the pressures being put upon it.


Daniel W. Smith
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Purdue University
100 N. University Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA

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