Société Réaliste letter

Expéditeur: Société Réaliste <>
Date: 3 mai 2010 10:21:22 HAEC
Objet: Philosophy at Middlesex University

Dear Michael Driscoll, Waqar Ahmad, Margaret House and Ed Esche,

We have just learned from our dearest friends working inside or around the Philosophy Department of your university that all research activities within this field will be soon ended. As you can imagine, we share the emotion of what Europe counts of believers in intelligence. How can the best Continental Philosophy Department in UK can be closed for vulgar economical reasons? It is a shame and a scandal. We hope that this closure process will be contested and stopped by protests, and we enjoin you to help maintaining operative one of the most crucial activity that your university has ever hosted within its walls.

Kind regards,

/// coopérative société réaliste, Paris, depuis 1871.

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