McWherter letter,,,

dateWed, Apr 28, 2010

Dear all,

I am writing to express my shock and strong disapproval of the recent decision to close all philosophy programmes at Middlesex University.  Shutting down a department that boasts the university’s highest RAE ratings, the nation’s largest MA programmes, outstanding and internationally praised members of faculty, some of the brightest and most promising students, and financial viability is simply incomprehensible.  Whose interests does this serve?  It was particularly the strength and uniqueness of the MA programme and the indisputably well-deserved reputation of the faculty that brought me to Middlesex from the United States five years ago.  I was so pleased with the philosophy department, and so honoured to be a part of philosophy at Middlesex, that I decided to continue my work there as a PhD student.  During and after all this time I can say without any hesitation that there is nowhere else in the world at which I would have rather studied.  I cannot imagine how much my life and work would have suffered in comparison if I never had the honour and pleasure of working with Middlesex’s philosophy faculty and participating in the degree programmes.  In short, being a part of philosophy at Middlesex is an internationally recognized point of pride, and this bizarre decision is taking that away from faculty, students, and yourselves.  So please reverse this while there’s still time and free yourselves from the responsibility for ending one of the intellectual world’s (and of course Middlesex’s) greatest treasures.


Dustin McWherter
PhD Candidate in Philosophy

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