The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (Dublin), researchers’ letter

To: “e esche” <>, “m driscoll” <>, “w ahmad” <>, “m house” <>,
Sent: Monday, 10 May, 2010 11:17:22 GMT +00:00 GMT Britain, Ireland, Portugal
Subject: Philosophy Dept

Dear Professors Driscoll, Ahmad, House and Esche,

We the researchers at The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GRADCAM) Dublin, Ireland are writing to express our shock, disbelief and utter condemnation of your decision to terminate the philosophy programs at Middlesex University.

We encourage you to re-consider the implications of your actions and their co-operation in the further development of Academic Institutions as little more than factories for the production of ‘Human Capital’. Education is historically recognised as far too ‘complex’, ‘versatile’ and ‘principled’ a phenomenon to be reduced to another form of ‘labour production’.

It is impossible to recognise this as a considered ‘decision’, decisions take ‘vision’, ‘courage’, and a ‘complexity’ of viewpoints, this is little more than the obliteration of what is valuable about progressive education, by what is valuable by economic measure. Philosophy at Middlesex, has been an inspiration to researchers and teachers at many levels, but what a legacy you will leave yourselves if you continue with this procedure.


Glenn Loughran(GRAD)

Edia Connole(GRAD)

John Buckley(GRAD)

Francis Halsall(ACW NCAD/MA co-ordinator)

Declan Long(ACW NCAD/MA co-ordinator)

Tina Kinsella(NCAD)

Clodagh Emoe(GRAD)

Tim Stott(GRAD)

Joan Fowler(NCAD)

Claire Feely(IMOCA)

Geraldine Guyonnet(UCD)

Andrew Brady(DUB)

Gearoad Carvill(DUB)

Justine Emoe(DUB)

Cormac Browne(NCAD)

Thomas McGrawLewis(GRAD)

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