Laborde letter

30 April 2010

Sirs, Madam

I write in protest against the decision you have recently made to close down Middlesex’s philosophy department. It beggars belief that anyone would wish to terminate one of the most prestigious centers for the study of Continental philosophy in the UK. Your Philosophy department has played an immense role in anchoring Middlesex university’s growing reputation for research and postgraduate teaching excellence. In what appears to be a short-sighted and abrupt decision, you run the risk of depriving yourself of the jewel of your own crown. I would respectfully urge to reconsider this ill-thought-through decision, which can only have a damaging impact both on the standing of UK Philosophy and on Middlesex itself.


Cecile Laborde
Professor of Political Theory
Director, Legal and Political Theory Programme
Department of Political Science
University College London
29/30 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9QU

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