Davey letter

From: Nicholas Davey
Sent: Thu 29/04/2010 12:25
To: Michael Driscoll
Cc: Ed Esche; Margaret House; Waqar Ahmad
Subject: Closure of Philosophy at Middlesex University

Dear Vice-Chancellor

It will be presumptuous of me to assume anything about the economic circumstances within your University which may have contributed to the decision to close all Philosophy programmes at Middlesex University. You will know that we too are not immune from having to make some painful decisions with regard to future provision. However, I must state my dismay at hearing the news of the proposed closure for various reasons.

1.  As a member of the Philosophy RAE panel, I am fully aware of the considerable esteem and respect in which the Philosophy unit at Middlesex  University is held. It achieved a sustained performance of very high level over two RAE cycles and has been recognised across Europe as one of the most influential Continental Philosophy departments in Northern Europe.

2. For four years I had the honour to serve that department as an external examiner and became closely involved with aspects of both its undergraduate but primarily, post graduate programmes. The postgraduate course on Aesthetics and Arts was one of the best in the UK and it is a great shame to have to contemplate the now useless efforts that went into building that programme.

3. The department has housed the journal ‘Radical Philosophy’ which although not mainstream in opinion or outlook, is respected for its thoroughness and substantial contribution to philosophical  and wider cultural debates in UK.

The loss of Philosophy department at Middlesex University will involve you in jettisoning what many would regard a prize asset. Its worth is such that your decision might merit some reconsideration.

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Nicholas Davey, M.A. D.Phil.
Dean of Humanities.
University of Dundee,
Dundee DD1 4HN
GB Scotland

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