Ansell-Pearson, Beistegui, Houlgate letter

Professor Michael Driscoll
Middlesex University

Dear Professor Driscoll

copied to:  Professors Ahmad, House, and Esche

We write to express our dismay at the decision to close down the Philosophy programmes at Middlesex and to urge the University to reconsider its decision.  Philosophy at Middlesex makes a unique contribution to the discipline and its teaching and research are renowned nationally and internationally for excellence. It has several world-class-researchers among its members, each one of which enjoys an international reputation.  Some of the most important work in European philosophy in the past decade has emanated from Middlesex, being both bold and original as well as meeting the highest standards of scholarly excellence.  This work enhances not only the profile of European philosophy nationally and internationally, but also the standing of the University itself.  The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy is one of the most innovative of its kind and it is by far the leading centre for the study of European philosophy in London and its environs.  It produces top quality graduates and regularly hosts conferences and workshops of national and international significance, making a unique and highly valued contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of the capital.  The Centre is a highly active one and run with a rare dedication and commitment to philosophical originality and radicality.  Its closure would be a tremendous loss, verging on a catastrophe, for the health of philosophy in this country.

We would be happy to visit the administration team at Middlesex to voice our concerns in person and make the case for the University continuing to support and invest in Philosophy.

yours sincerely

Keith Ansell-Pearson
Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

Miguel Beistegui
Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

Stephen Houlgate
Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

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