Alizadeh letter

29 April 2010

To Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise of Middlesex University

Dear Waqar Ahmad,

I am writing to ask you to review your decision regarding the closure of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University. As a PhD student in the CRMEP I have a first hand experience of its academic excellence which is without exaggeration unique in its field in the whole of the English-speaking world. Through my attendance in many national and international conferences, I can testify to the amazing respect that many world-famous academics, not only in philosophy but also in Humanities in general, feel towards the CRMEP. Your decision will not only damage the filed of the European philosophy in the UK but also will damage the reputation of the Middlesex university which is first and foremost known for its philosophy department in many countries, including my country of origin Iran. The work done by the CRMEP in promoting the name of Middlesex university is much more effective than many of your advertising campaigns overseas which cost the university thousands of pounds. Even if such a decision could be justified on sole ground of financial calculations, I strongly believe it would not be a correct decision.
The growing discontent among the broader academic community in the UK over the past few hours, since the announcement of this terrible news, makes me wonder whether I can proudly call myself a Middlesex alumni in the future.


Ali Alizadeh

PhD student, Middlesex University

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