Power letter

29 April 2010

Dear Michael Driscoll, Waqar Ahmad, Margaret House & Ed Esche,

The decision on the part of Middlesex University to close its Philosophy department is a travesty. As evidenced by the massive outcry which has already greeted this decision, it is absolutely clear that the university has made a terrible mistake. The ‘justifications’ for the closure of Philosophy at Middlesex – which, I’m sure you don’t need reminding, is the highest-scoring department at a post-92 and your most valuable research asset – are risible. If you want to talk about ‘impact’, there are few things that people associate with the name ‘Middlesex University’ more than its excellent Philosophy department and staff. Over the past decade or so, Middlesex has built up its reputation for being the best place in the country to study European philosophy, surpassing its Russell Group competitors. It makes absolutely no sense, either from an economic or a PR perspective to destroy in an instant what does you most proud.

It cannot have escaped your notice that in the past year or so threats to close or make cuts to Philosophy at Liverpool and KCL have been greeted with a storm of international protest. The same thing has already begun to happen over Middlesex. The precedent has been for management to reverse their decisions – I can only hope, as someone who had the privilege to be awarded their PhD by Middlesex – that this will happen in this case as well.


Dr Nina Power
(PhD in Philosophy, Middlesex University, 2006)

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