American Philosophical Association statement

American Philosophical Association statement

8 May 2010

Closure of Philosophy at Middlesex – Petition: The APA has learned that an administrative decision has been reached to close all Philosophy programs at Middlesex University, UK.  Our British colleagues are calling for international solidarity, and a petition is circulating on an international scale. The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie (FISP) has circulated a link to this petition to all member societies.  The APA’s Committee on International Cooperation has already joined the British Philosophical Association and the Australasian Association of Philosophy in a letter to appropriate administrators protesting this action.  The link is here.  Please read the petition and determine whether you would wish to add your name to the list of signers.

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1 Response to American Philosophical Association statement

  1. Edward S. Casey says:

    The Middlesex action is reprehensible in the extreme. It is an arbitrary administrative intervention that has no serious budgetary basis and that was taken without adequate consulting and survey procedures — which would have confirmed that the Middlesex philosophy department is truly distinguished, nationally as well as internationally, in the field of continental philosophy. Such action must be disputed and resisted — and decisively reversed. The outpouring of support from around the world for such reversal is truly extraordinary. I hereby challenge the Middlesex Board of Governors to re-consider their unwarranted closure of the philosophy department. – Edward S. Casey, Distinguished Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook; current President, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division.

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