Rose letter

30 April 2010


I am writing to express my deep dismay at the decision taken to close the Philosophy Department at Middlesex University.

The Department is nationally and internationally renowned and plays a unique role in the maintaining of creative, philosophical thinking in the humanties nationwide and in London in particular.

It is all the more alarming in the context of the shortsighted downgrading of the humanities which seems to be the policy of this governernment and, I think we can be sure, is most likely to be the policy of the incoming Government next week.

As well as the perceived attack on philosophical and critical thought, this closure will do damage to the University’s reputation worldwide.

I speak for myself, but I am also sure that my late sister, the distinguished philosopher Gillian Rose, who enjoyed close contacts with members of your distinguished philosophy faculty, would have been aghast at this decision.

Your sincerely,
Jacqueline Rose
Professor of English,
Queen Mary University of London.

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