Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research

5 May 2010

Dear Colleagues,

As an organization from a third world country, we could only look in dismay, that a country that has inspired the world for its cultural and philosophical contribution to the human intellectual history and research, should face this most untimely move to have its philosophy program closed.

The UK could not assert more of power supremacy, but it certainly could continue to inspire the world with its intellectual presence by continuing its philosophy program that cannot be taken away by any country of whatever economic might.

UK must stand equal to a great civilization – Middlesex University Philosophy tradition is one such institution in that country that would asert its strong cultural presence in the 21st century intellectual world order.  PUT THE INSTITUTION BACK and redeem your pride as a civilization that prides itself with the supremacy of the mind over wealth.

Prof. Dr. Alfredo P. Co
President, Philippine Academy of Philosophical Research

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