Surin letter

Sent: Thu 29/04/2010 21:55
To: Michael Driscoll; Waqar Ahmad; Margaret House; Ed Esche
Cc:; Kenneth Surin
Subject: Closure of Middlesex University Philosophy Department
Dear Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, and Dean:

I write to express my profound dismay at the proposed closure of Middlesex University’s world-renowned Philosophy Department.

I taught at the Universities of Gloucestershire and Birmingham before coming to Duke University in 1987.  I am currently head of its Program in Literature and Critical Theory.   I teach modern European philosophy and critical theory.

Anyone who attends a major conference in the field of modern European philosophy anywhere in Europe and North America is likely to find a member of the Middlesex Philosophy Department staff giving a key presentation.   Open a top journal in this field, and it is likely to have an article by a member of the Middlesex Philosophy Department staff.   Open a book catalogue by a major university press, and its philosophy section is likely to feature a book by a member of the Middlesex Philosophy Department staff.   I could go on in this vein.

Quite simply:  this decision is unfathomable.   At Duke University a department of this quality would be protected, and not only that, it would be given extra resources.

If the above is not clear to you, please give me a phone number where I can call you to discuss at length the merits of this superb philosophy department.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Surin (Prof.)
Professor of Literature and Professor of Religion and Critical Theory
Chair, Program in Literature
Campus Box 90670
Duke University
Durham NC 27708  USA

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