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I Occupied Middlesex

Since Middlesex management have been making their decisions to suspend students and lecturers based on our campaign pictures, we have decided to make the difficult work of their investigation a little easier. >

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Photos from the Middlesex Occupation

Some photos from the last few days of the Middlesex University Occupation:

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UPDATE: Things to bring to Transversal Space at Middlesex

From the student occupation committee: Thank you all for your incredible support for our protest against the destruction of humanities at Middlesex University. Some people have been asking us about things to help us with our occupation, so here are … Continue reading

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Letter to Times Higher Education

Letter to Times Higher Education, published today, Thurs 6 May 2010 Times Higher Education has just published a post regarding the closure of our department, in which they reference the following protest letter, signed by 30 world-renowned Philosophy and Humanities … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Alberto Toscano and Nina Power have also joined us

We have also just noticed Alberto Toscano and Nina Power outside our windows. We really appreciate their support in our drive to reverse Middlesex University’s unjustified shutdown of our Philosophy department.

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UPDATE: Étienne Balibar has come to join our rally

We gratefully welcome Étienne Balibar, who has come to join our rally to save Philosophy at Middlesex University!

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