I Occupied Middlesex

Since Middlesex management have been making their decisions to suspend students and lecturers based on our campaign pictures, we have decided to make the difficult work of their investigation a little easier.


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20 Responses to I Occupied Middlesex

  1. Eric Alliez says:

    Excellent!!!! (But Mdx Inc is going to complain : some names are not very readable…)

  2. charlesquane says:

    I think I might have dropped the resolution a bit too much to compress the files…

    • Eric Alliez says:

      Send the original files to Mdx Inc! We refuse that they spend OUR money on this new inquiry!!!!!

    • josefine wikström says:

      hey, there should be more images than that? Ive got some left in my camera too. We should upload. Also Eric is right, important that the names are visible. is it poss to keep high resolution and still keep them on web site?


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  6. Bobby Wolverhampton Univ says:

    Wow!!!! this is brilliant. I really wish i could have made it. I’m really proud of all those that did well done! :)

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  8. Mark Winchester says:

    Love this! This should go global alongside the petitions! Add some famous names, it would be sublime.

  9. Dear Suicideally I will happily send one if you actually want pics of those who signed petitions, wrote letters etc (not that I count as a famous name …)

  10. Bobby Wolverhampton Univ says:

    same here

  11. Michel-Antoine Xhignesse says:


  12. Lois Ann says:


  13. Lara says:

    Suspicious. All the men with beards look the same. Were you using one man and pretending there were many? And the men without beards look the same too. What is it with men?

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