UPDATE: Things to bring to Transversal Space at Middlesex

From the student occupation committee:

Thank you all for your incredible support for our protest against the destruction of humanities at Middlesex University. Some people have been asking us about things to help us with our occupation, so here are a few ideas:

-Banner materials (sheets, poster paper, paint, markers, etc.)
-Media (Cameras, videos, stereograms, carrier pigeons)
-Bedding (Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags)

Remember, our goal here is to present an alternative form of education, as an environment in which we are learning together. Transversal Space is Creative Space.

Looking forward to seeing all of you here!

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2 Responses to UPDATE: Things to bring to Transversal Space at Middlesex

  1. Alan McPherson says:

    I was proud to be there on the mdx square on wednesday early evening when you ‘took’ the Mansion and the limping lead-swinger was removed by ambulance before the fuzz arrived. So solidarity to you all and to all your visitors. I see you are having seminars and lectures but I urge you to take this chance to do philosophy in another sense. To write a collective philosophical text on any subject you collectively choose. (My suggestion would be ‘Reality’.) A text that would be a lasting memorial to this event, a text to inspire others now and in the future, and if it ever becomes a ‘set text’ so be it.

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