French Feminism course, part III: 28 January, 4pm

Introduction to French Feminism by Rosa Nogues, part III: Kristeva

The concluding session of the course has now been scheduled for Friday 28 January 2011, 4-6pm.

Place: Room M222, second floor, Mansion Building.

Texts have already been distributed to previous attendees. If you require copies, please write to

Tube: Piccadilly line to Oakwood station, free bus to campus.

All welcome.

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Education Activist Network: Unite to Save EMA

From the Education Activist Network:

Events this week: Unite to Save EMA

–         Tuesday: Meeting with Terry Eagleton, Laurie Penny and Alfie Meadows

–         Wednesday: March on Parliament, assemble 4pm Piccadilly

–         Protests and NUS day of action across the country

On Wednesday 19th January, MPs will debate the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance. So many existing students would not have been able to study without EMA; now it has already been closed to new applicants and could soon be scrapped altogether.

Students have already begun protesting to defend EMA, with a day of action in December and determined demonstrations this week in cities from Leeds to Truro. And after MPs voted to raise tuition fees last term, university students are organising to put to the test the French slogan: “What Parliament does, the streets can undo”.

Starting with an NUS day of action and a fantastic London-wide rally on Tuesday, followed by a march on Parliament and nationwide protests on Wednesday: let’s remind the government’s education wreckers that our movement is more determined than ever in 2011.


Terry Eagleton, Laurie Penny, Alfie Meadows and others discuss what we are fighting for and how we can win

7pm Tuesday 18th January, The Quad, London School of Economics

Click to download a flyer

TUESDAY 18th JANUARY: National day of action

The National Union of Students has called for a day of action, with events, rallies and protests at colleges and campuses across the country.

WEDNESDAY 19th JANUARY: March on Parliament to save EMA

Students, education workers and all defenders of the right to education, unite and join the demonstration as MPs debate the end of EMA. Bring your friends, your colleagues and your union banners.

4pm: Assemble at Piccadilly Circus

5pm: March to Parliament Square

Supported by EAN, NCAFC, Free Education Campaign and London Student Assembly. Click here to download flyer

On Twitter, use the hashtags #saveEMA, #solidarity and #demo2011 and follow @edactivistnet

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Gary Lachman seminar, ‘What is Cosmic Consciousness?’, Tuesday 25 January

Philosophy Event at Middlesex, Tuesday 25 January 2011, 5.30pm

Gary Lachman, ‘What is Cosmic Consciousness?’

Gary Lachman is the author of numerous books, including A Secret History of Consciousness (2003) and Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and The Dark Side Of the Age of Aquarius (2002). In A Secret History of Consciousness, he explores the emergence of new theories of consciousness in the second half of the nineteenth century. He contends that there is an ‘unofficial’ tradition of research into the nature of consciousness, emerging into the academic mainstream in the work of Henri Bergson and William James in the early twentieth century, but more often tending to flourish in countercultural spaces outside the academy, and on the whole continuing to remain at odds with the major contemporary philosophical and scientific approaches to the problem of consciousness. Ranging from discussions of thought and perception, to accounts of research into dreaming and hypnagogia, drawing together diverse perspectives from philosophy, science, esotericism and countercultural thought, Lachman’s work on consciousness offers a unique vantage point on one of the central problems of philosophy.

Place:  Room M004 (Saloon), Mansion Building, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ.

Tube: Piccadilly line to Oakwood station, free bus to campus.

All welcome.

Note: this seminar replaces Robin Le Poidevin’s seminar on ‘The Beginning of Time’, which has been cancelled.

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Open Letter concerning Alfie Meadows from Middlesex students and staff

The following letter was sent to the Guardian and the THES, but both have declined to publish it.


We, current and former students and staff of Middlesex University, wish to make plain our disgust at the behaviour of the Metropolitan police at the demonstration against tuition fee rises in London on 9th December. A Middlesex student, Alfie Meadows, sustained life-threatening injuries and underwent brain surgery as a result of an attack by the police. Protesters wishing to leave the demonstration had been told by police to exit via Whitehall, where many were then kettled and attacked. At around 6pm, the police launched a series of unprovoked charges, using horses, truncheons and shields on protesters trapped in Whitehall. Hundreds of peaceful protesters were lined up on the south side of Whitehall and witnessed these attacks.

Over the last month, we have been witness numerous times to police attacks on young protesters, many of school age, with nothing to defend themselves but their passion, anger and sense of injustice. The spectacle of brute, armed force marshalled against the young holds up an unflattering mirror to the society that condones it.

We would also like to draw attention to the disparity between the reportage and the images of Thursday’s protest. Television reporters relentlessly described the students as violent, while continually showing footage of police officers beating protesters. Do the broadcast media think that people are not intelligent enough to perceive the contradiction between what is said by reporters and what is shown via recorded images? The widespread and deliberate police provocation of protesters went largely unreported. It is also a mockery of justice to portray damage to a royal vehicle as having more importance than a potentially lethal assault by a police officer on an unarmed student.

Finally, we hope that the Government will now recognise that the problems its absurd approach to the funding of education are now generating are political problems, and cannot be resolved by the use of police force. If a Government seeks to rely on overwhelming force to maintain its position, then it will not take long for its legitimacy to crumble.

Zain Ahsan, BA student, Philosophy

Ali Alizadeh, PhD student and Visiting Lecturer, Philosophy

Éric Alliez, former Professor, Philosophy

Nisha Amin, MA student, Marketing

Tunç Aybak, Programme Leader, International Politics

Robin Bale, Phd student, Fine Art

Sarah Baker, Lecturer, Media and Cultural Studies

Julia Bard, Visiting Lecturer, Journalism

Richard Barry, Lecturer, Psychology

Anindya Bhattacharyya, former MA student, Philosophy

Richard Bornat, Emeritus Professor, Computing

Sarah Bradshaw, Principal Lecturer, Development Studies

Matthew Bury, Senior Lecturer, Design and Technology

Maggie Butt, Head of Media

Stephen Caldwell, BA student, Philosophy

Matthew Charles, Lecturer, Philosophy

Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, Lecturer, Business School

Cara Clancy, former MA student, Philosophy

Billy Clark, Senior Lecturer, English Language

John Coles, Programme Leader, Interior Architecture

Noyale Colin, PhD Student, Performing Arts

Katherine Corbett, BA student, Philosophy & MUSU Arts and Education Chair

Delia Cortese, Senior Lecturer, Religious Studies

Elizabeth Cotton, Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Management

Judith Cowan, PhD student, Fine Art

Olga Cretu, PhD student, Business School

Virginia Crisp, Lecturer, Media

Bojana Cvejic, former PhD Student, Philosophy

Anne Daguerre, Lecturer, Human Resource Management

Nadia Dalbani, BA student, Philosophy

Christina Delistathi, Senior Lecturer, Translation

Ferdinand Dennis, Lecturer, Creative and Media Writing

Karl Denson, BA student, Television Production

Mehmet Ali Dikerdem, Principal Learning Development Tutor, Institute for Work

Based Learning

Donna Edwards, BA student, Education and Philosophy

David Etherington, Principal Researcher, Department of Business and Management

Tom Eyers, former PhD student, Philosophy

Kate Fivash, BA student, Graphic Design

Vivienne Francis, Senior Lecturer, Journalism

Rory Gallagher, BA student, Fine Art

Nicola Goodchild, former BA student, Philosophy

Andrew Goffey, Senior Lecturer, Media, Culture and Communication

Raphaelle Gosden, BA student, Photography

John Grahl, Professor, Business School

Peter Hallward, former Professor, Philosophy

John Hammond, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics & Middlesex University UCU

Branch Secretary

Usama Hasan, Senior Lecturer, Business Information Systems

Sarah Hazell, BA student, Fine Art

Yaiza Hernández Velázquez, former PhD student, Philosophy

Dave Hill, Professor, Education

Johann Hoiby, BA student, Philosophy

Sian Howard, BA student, Fine Art

Elizabeth Lebas, Reader, Visual Culture

Aoife Macnamara, Director of Programmes, Fine Art

Manojkumar Iyer, President, Middlesex University Students’ Union (MUSU)

Gizem Zeynep İnceoglu, former MSc student, Business School

Irem Inceoglu, Research Assistant, Institute for Work Based Learning

Lucy Irving, Lecturer, Psychology

Ian Jakobi, former MA student, Philosophy

Charles Johnson, BA student, Music

Kieron Johnson, former BA student, Sonic Arts

Peter Kapos, former PhD student, Philosophy

Mark Kelly, Lecturer, Philosophy

Christian Kerslake, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Eleonore Kofman, Professor of Gender, Migration and Citizenship

Ben Little, Lecturer, Media and Cultural Studies

Jo Littler, Senior Lecturer, Media and Cultural Studies

Rachel Malik, Senior Lecturer, English Literary Studies

Andrew McGettigan, former PhD student, Philosophy

Farah Mendlesohn, Reader, Media

Whitney Mensah-Parker, BA student, Philosophy

Gregory Meredith, BA student, Philosophy

Kevin Morris, Deputy Director, Professional Development

Claudio Morrison, Senior Research Fellow, Human Resource Management

Kathleen Mullaniff, Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Ozlem Onaran, Senior Lecturer, Economics and Statistics

Ngozi Onyejeli, Lecturer, Human Resource Management

Peter Osborne, former Professor, Philosophy

Dan Ozarow, PhD student, Business School

Rosa Nogués, former PhD student, Philosophy

Manuel Padovan, Chair of the School of Health and Social Sciences

Carola Palacios, Senior Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Constantina Papoulias, Senior Lecturer in Culture and Communication

Wesley Phillips, former PhD student, Philosophy

Keith Piper, Reader, Fine Art and Digital Media

Sebastiano Piva, BA student, Film, Video & Interactive Arts

Nina Power, former PhD student, Philosophy

Dáša Raimanová, BA student, Fine Art

Gianni Raineri, Senior Lecturer, New Media

Leena Robertson, Principal Lecturer, Education

Ian Roper, Principal Lecturer, Business School

Maria-Louise Rosbech, BA student, Philosophy

Stella Sandford, former Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Nic Sandiland, Lecturer, Fine Art

Ian Saville, Visiting Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Tracy Sealey, BA student, Philosophy

Sylvia Shaw, Senior Lecturer, English Language

Edgar Schröder, Senior Lecturer, German

Javed Anjum Sheikh, MUSU Postgraduate and Research Students Officer

Kulwant Singh Sandhu, Senior Lecturer, Business Information Systems

Tamara Sivanandan, Head of Dept of Social Sciences

Matt Stern, BA student, Television Production

Vangeesa Sumanasekara, former BA student, Philosophy

Aaron Tan, former MA student, Philosophy

Hannah Tattersall, BA student, Philosophy

Spyros Themelis. Lecturer, Education

John Timberlake, Programme Leader, BA Fine Art

Demi Tofallis, former BA student, Primary Education

Pompilia Tudor, BA student, Journalism and Communication Studies

Jan Udris, Middlesex UCU Branch executive

Martin Upchurch, Professor of International Employment Relations, Business School

Hoi Yen Voong, BA student, Philosophy

Rebecca Walker, BA student, Dance

Josefine Wikström, former MA student, Philosophy

Rebecca Woodford-Smith, PhD student, Performing Arts

Sara Wright, Resources Officer, School of Health and Social Science

(116 signatures)

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Postponement of events


1. Gary Lachman’s seminar on 16 December has been postponed until Tuesday 25 January, 5.30pm.

2. Rosa Nogues’ seminar on French feminism will continue in January. More details to follow.

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EVENTS: Humanities Workshop/Date change for Gary Lachman seminar/Feminism course

Tuesday 7 December, 11am-6pm:

Workshop: The Humanities and the Idea of the University

Place: Saloon (M004), Ground Floor, Mansion Building, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ.



Gary Lachman’s talk on Cosmic Consciousness has been rescheduled from Thursday 9 December to THURSDAY 16 DECEMBER, 6.30pm.

Place: Saloon (M004), Ground Floor, Mansion Building.


Friday 10 December, 4pm:

Introduction to French Feminism by Rosa Nogues, part III: Kristeva

Place: Room M222, second floor, Mansion Building.


Tube: Piccadilly line to Oakwood station, free bus to campus.

All welcome to all events.

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UPDATE – Norris seminar, time change to 6.30pm


Tonight’s seminar by Christopher Norris will now begin at 6.30pm.

Room M013 (Blue Room), Mansion Building, Trent Park campus.

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