Christopher Norris seminar, TUESDAY 30 NOVEMBER, 5.30pm

Philosophy Event at Middlesex, Tuesday 30 November, 5.30pm

Christopher Norris: ‘Aesthetic Ideology Revisited’

* * Please note the day (Tuesday) and time (5.30pm, not 6.30) * *

Christopher Norris has published numerous books and articles on continental and analytic philosophy, fusing the philosophy of language and philosophy of science with deconstruction and literary theory. In works such as Derrida (1987) and Deconstruction and the ‘Unfinished Project of Modernity’ (2000), he argued that, contrary to widely-held opinion, deconstruction is fundamentally opposed to postmodernism and relativism. In Language, Logic and Epistemology (2004), he combined deconstruction with modal logic, while other works, such as Truth Matters (2005) and On Truth and Meaning: Language, Logic and the Grounds of Belief (2006), develop novel theories of truth and realism. His most recent books include a guidebook to Alain Badiou’s Being & Event (2009) and Re-thinking the Cogito: Naturalism, Reason and the Venture of Thought (2010). He is currently Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at Cardiff University.

Place:  Room M013, Mansion Building, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ. NOTE ROOM CHANGE.

Tube: Piccadilly line to Oakwood station, free bus to campus.

All welcome.

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