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  1. leila galloway says:

    keep me in the loop, would like to be more active, just need as much warning…childcare issues…thinking this needs to be national…we need all universities to be involved. If you have any thoughts on how i can help at a distance, let me know!


  2. Professor Kathryne Lindberg says:

    Perhaps nothing is more important than building Bildung–thought and imagination in the face of violence against these and more.

    a professor of American and African American literature and culture in the English and Africana Studies Departments at Wayne State University in Detroit, I signed petition, I thought, in April; just checked updates manually and signed up for automatic email updates–didn’t see my name on petition. If number of names matter, it should be there but petition signing is closed–right?

    Kathryne V. Lindberg–Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA
    English Department &
    Affiliated Faculty, Africana Studies

  3. Hello
    Please check out the new dossier on Impact and the UK on the Journal of Social Text Website-two of us have written about Middlesex in support of your campaign-

    Also, please leave comments and share the landing page link as often as possible to and hopefully continue conversation about the issues raised by what happened in Middlesex-there is also a lot of other relevant stuff on the crisis in the Universities in the UK.

    The direct link is:

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