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Stella Sandford response to Vice-Chancellor Driscoll’s update, 1 June

Dear Colleagues, I am writing, as Director of Programmes in Philosophy and Religious Studies, on behalf of the academic staff in Philosophy in reply to the Vice-Chancellor’s message to all university staff of Friday 28 May. We believe that the … Continue reading

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Vice-Chancellor Michael Driscoll, Update on Philosophy provision (28 May)

From: Urgent Announcement [Vice-Chancellor Michael Driscoll] Sent: Fri 28/05/2010 17:21 To: All University Staff Cc: Subject: Update on Philosophy provision Dear colleague, I am writing to give you the latest information regarding plans to phase out Philosophy programmes and the … Continue reading

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Campaign update Tuesday 1 June

1. This evening at least one further student has been suspended, ‘because of [his] alleged part in the occupation of the Mansion earlier this month and, despite the terms of the injunction served, [and because he has] further disrupted University … Continue reading

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Photos from the Hendon rally and occupation 27-28 May 2010

Following a rally attended by 200+ people on the afternoon of Thursday 27 May, members of the Save Middlesex Philosophy campaign occupied a third chunk of Middlesex University property. This time, after occupying first the Mansion and then the library … Continue reading

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Rally report and Friday activities

Thanks to the 200 or so of you who came to our rally yesterday evening in support of the Save Middlesex Philosophy campaign and in solidarity with suspended students and staff. We heard speakers from seven different London universities, as … Continue reading

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Campaign update Wednesday 26 May 2010

1. John Protevi and Todd May have posted a petition calling for an international academic boycott of Middlesex University,   Several hundred well-placed people have already signed it, in the space of a few hours.  Please spread the word about … Continue reading

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More information about the Philosophy suspensions

Four students were suspended on Friday 21 May: Ali Alizadeh, Nicola Goodchild, Johann Hoiby, and Hoi Yen Voong. The suspension blocks them ‘from entering any part of the University’s premises without written permission’ from management. The students have been informed … Continue reading

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