A new occupation at Trent Park

This evening around 50 students and staff from half a dozen different programmes at Middlesex University’s School of Arts and Education occupied the library at Trent Park campus.

This building is full of books on philosophy, literature, art criticism, music and culture. These books – and the courses and departments associated with them – are severely endangered by management cuts. We are determined to preserve them.

The Campaign to Save Philosophy at Middlesex
Thursday 20 May 2010, 7:30pm

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17 Responses to A new occupation at Trent Park

  1. Edia Connole says:

    Amazing; Well Done!!!

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  3. Vicki Morris says:

    Dear students and staff,

    I admire your refusal to lie down and accept a cut that is absurd and unjustified. We are going to need that spirit in our campaigns against cuts across the board in the coming months and years. If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know. Meanwhile, I’m spreading the news about this latest protest.

    Vicki (Barnet TUC publicity officer)

    P.S. Enjoyed the demo in Hendon on Monday. If you are doing anything else in the area let us know, we can support.

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  5. yesssss says:


  6. ruinitall says:

    Hope you stay strong.

  7. Enzo Rossi says:

    Very brave. What is the state of the new occupation vis-à-vis the earlier court injunction? In any event, good luck!

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  9. Todd May says:

    There are many of us in the States who are following these events closely. We are in solidarity with you. You fill us with hope. Thank you.

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  12. Ania Gruszczynska says:

    Just wanted to say that I admire your courage – keep strong and know that a lot of people keep you in our thoughts (including here at Birmingham where non-STEM subjects are under threat as well). Good luck and know that you’re doing the right thing!

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  14. Connie says:


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  16. Bobby Wolverhampton says:

    It was a privilege for me to have been part of this Occupation.

    I found the people I met there to be kind and caring. They showed me how so few; can with their passion and loyalty to each other, portray the strength to continue the Good fight against this selfish administration. Who has not had the back bone to meet, with these courageous people, in order to discuss the issues in dispute. However the cowards had no difficulty in again calling the police.

    However they did not appear impressed with how the University is behaving. They genuinely seemed to be on our side once the circumstances were explained to them.

    On a final note well done to everyone there. And thank you for allowing other University students to help in the on-going Occupations.

    Keep up the good fight and remember you are in our prayers :)

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