Gary Lachman seminar, ‘What is Cosmic Consciousness?’, Tuesday 25 January

Philosophy Event at Middlesex, Tuesday 25 January 2011, 5.30pm

Gary Lachman, ‘What is Cosmic Consciousness?’

Gary Lachman is the author of numerous books, including A Secret History of Consciousness (2003) and Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and The Dark Side Of the Age of Aquarius (2002). In A Secret History of Consciousness, he explores the emergence of new theories of consciousness in the second half of the nineteenth century. He contends that there is an ‘unofficial’ tradition of research into the nature of consciousness, emerging into the academic mainstream in the work of Henri Bergson and William James in the early twentieth century, but more often tending to flourish in countercultural spaces outside the academy, and on the whole continuing to remain at odds with the major contemporary philosophical and scientific approaches to the problem of consciousness. Ranging from discussions of thought and perception, to accounts of research into dreaming and hypnagogia, drawing together diverse perspectives from philosophy, science, esotericism and countercultural thought, Lachman’s work on consciousness offers a unique vantage point on one of the central problems of philosophy.

Place:  Room M004 (Saloon), Mansion Building, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ.

Tube: Piccadilly line to Oakwood station, free bus to campus.

All welcome.

Note: this seminar replaces Robin Le Poidevin’s seminar on ‘The Beginning of Time’, which has been cancelled.

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