Žižek and the Critique of Political Economy

Alex Callinicos, professor of European Studies at King’s College London, will be delivering the opening talk in the new series of public seminars organised by Middlesex University’s Philosophy Department. Alex will be speaking on “Slavoj Žižek and the Critique of Political Economy” at 6:30pm, this Thursday 14 October, in the Mansion Building’s Saloon (M004) on Trent Park campus (nearest tube: Oakwood or Cockfosters).

This will also be an occasion for people to gather, almost five months after the occupation of the Mansion Building, and collectively consider the state of education in the shadow of financial cuts and even higher tuition fees. We encourage all those who were active in last summer’s campaign to save Middlesex philosophy, as well as anyone interested in philosophy, humanities and politics of education, to join us at this seminar.

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2 Responses to Žižek and the Critique of Political Economy

  1. David Black says:

    Is there a video of this event? Any plans to put it online, if so? I’d certainly be interested to see it, and I can imagine many others would be, too.

    • suicideally says:

      There wasn’t a video taken of the event, I’m afraid. However I believe the talk was part of a work Callinicos is currently putting together on Zizek, so with any luck there should be opportunity to hear/read it again in future.

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