Middlesex Philosophy Seminar and Events, 2010-11

The Philosophy programme at Middlesex is due to close in 2012. Admissions have been stopped, and only second- and third-year undergraduate students now remain. We will announce the appointment of a new temporary lecturer in Philosophy shortly.

Below is the schedule for the Philosophy Seminar. This series is aimed at Philosophy and Humanities students at Middlesex, but is also open to the public, and anyone interested in fundamental enquiry about philosophical issues is welcome to attend.

Seminars will mostly be held on Thursdays, at 6.30pm, but three (30 November, 25 January and 15 February) will be held on Tuesdays at 5.30pm. All seminars will take place in the Saloon (M004), Mansion Building, Trent Park. (Cockfosters/Oakwood tube).

Please also note the workshop on Wednesday 3 November, ‘The Humanities and the Idea of the University’. This will take place between 11am and 6pm, in the Saloon, Mansion Building. The ‘Hegel Now?’ workshop on 5 May will take place from 2pm – 8.30pm (room to be announced).

Thursday 14 October.  Alex Callinicos (Kings College London): ‘Slavoj Žižek and the Critique of Political Economy’

Thursday 28 October.  Nina Power (Roehampton): ‘Intellectual Equality: Rancière and Education’

Wednesday 3 November.  Workshop: ‘The Humanities and the Idea of the University’

Thursday 11 November.  Susan James (Birkbeck): ‘Spinoza, Rembrandt and Suspicion’

Thursday 18 November.  Sean Sayers (Kent): ‘Marx’s Concept of Communism’

Tuesday 30 November.  Christopher Norris (Cardiff): ‘Aesthetic Ideology Revisited’

Thursday 9 December.  Gary Lachman (London): ‘What is Cosmic Consciousness?’

Tuesday 25 January.  Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds): ‘The Beginning of Time’

Thursday 3 February.  Keith Ansell Pearson (Warwick): ‘Beyond Compassion: On Nietzsche’s Moral Therapy in Dawn

Tuesday 15 February.  Dylan Evans (University College Cork): ‘Is Lacanian Psychoanalysis Wrong, Or Not Even Wrong?’

Thursday 3 March.  Marcus Boon (York University, Toronto): ‘The Politics of Just Intonation: Music, Mathematics and Philosophy after La Monte Young’

Thursday 17 March.  Martin Liebscher (Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London): ‘Sigmund Freud and his Philosophical Mediators’

Thursday 31 March.  David Lapoujade (Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne): Title to be announced.

Thursday 5 May.  Workshop: ‘Hegel Now?’ Including Slavoj Žižek on ‘Is it still possible to be a Hegelian today?’ Further speakers to be confirmed.

In addition, this semester we will be running two short courses open to the general public. These will take place in the Green Room (M009), Mansion Building, on Friday afternoons between 4-6pm. From 15 October to 12 November, Meade McCloughan will lead a course on Marx’s Capital, and from 26 November to 10 December, Rosa Nogues will give an introduction to French feminist philosophy.

Please direct enquiries to c.kerslake@mdx.ac.uk

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