University of Sussex, Department of Philosophy

Dear Member of the Board of Governors,

We are writing to express our shock at the decision to suspend two Professors of Philosophy.  This seems an extraordinary way to treat distinguished colleagues, and is bound to damage the University’s academic reputation even further.

We urge you to review this decision at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Morris

Margaret Boden

Andrew Chitty

Ron Chrisley

Robert Clowes

Paul Davies

Katerina Deligiorgi

Gordon Finlayson

Murali Ramachandran

Susan Robb

Sarah Sawyer

Tanja Staehler

Kathleen Stock

Celine Surprenant

Professor Michael Morris
Department of Philosophy
University of Sussex

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1 Response to University of Sussex, Department of Philosophy

  1. Jennifer A. Thomson, Emeritus Professor from University of Cape Town says:

    Let it not be forgotten that Adam Smith, founder of classical economics, was first and foremost a philosopher.

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