University of Essex, Ideology and Discourse Analysis

Colchester, 29 May 2010

Letter of support to the “save Middlesex Philosophy” campaign

We the undersigned would like to express our support and solidarity for the members of staff and students of the Philosophy programmes at Middlesex University, as well as our unqualified opposition to the unjustifiable decision of the managerial authorities to diminish and/or eradicate philosophical research at the University. In light of the recent decision of the managers at Middlesex University to suspend students as well as members of staff for supporting the students’ demands, we want to express our anger and disappointment over what has become a situation marked by enforced silence, the penalization of social contacts between members of staff and students and the invoking of fear and intimidation against what we consider to be wholly rightful demands and responses to this unprecedented attack against the humanities in UK. The Ideology and Discourse Analysis programme here at Essex holds the work of the Middlesex philosophy department in the highest esteem, and we believe the department’s demise would constitute a great loss which would be felt not only in the discipline of philosophy but throughout the humanities and social sciences

Members of Ideology and Discourse analysis programme (IDA), Department of Government, University of Essex.

Signees: Amr Ahmed, Emilio Allier, Ryan Brading, Nazim Can Cicektakan, Sila Cesur, Wei-Yuan Chang, Erdem Darmar, Dr. Jonathan Dean, Dr. Jason Glynos, Sarah Hartley, Dr. David Howarth, Christos Iliadis, Blendi Kajsiu, Leonidas Karakatsanis, Darayi Zalmai Nishat, Dr. Aletta Norval, Christos Pallas, Savvas Voutyras, Pao-Hsuan Wang, Adam Wright.

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