Apter letter

De : emily apter <emily.apter@gmail.com>

Date : 26 mai 2010 16:15:49 HAEC

À : michael@partridges.org.uk

Cc : Eric <eric.alliez@free.fr>, Denis Hollier <dh25@nyu.edu>, Alexander Galloway <galloway@nyu.edu>, Ben Kafka <kafka@nyu.edu>, Avital Ronell <ar3@nyu.edu>

Objet : faculty suspensions

Dear Michael Partridge,
The recent suspensions of philosophy faculty and students at Middlesex
are nothing short of a terrible strike against political justice and
the vitality of thought in the British university system.  I would
like to add my name to the list of those worldwide who clamor to
reverse the decision to penalize those protesting the closing of
Philosophy at Middlesex – a beacon department to so many – as well as
the initial decision to shut down the department by fiat.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Apter
Professor of French and Comparative Literature
New York University

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