Alenka Zupancic letter

Board of Governors
Middlesex University in London
The Burroughs
…London NW4 4BT


the decision taken by your board to suspend students and staff at Middlesex for their legitimate attempt to reverse the utterly unjustified closure of the philosophy department comes as a shock to any academic in their right mind. Scholars as outstanding in their field and as dedicated to their work as Peter Hallward, Peter Osborne and Christian Kerslake should have been rewarded for their brilliance and commitment. To punish them instead is an outrageous perversion of all principles of university work and work in general. The same is true for the suspension of students. I urge the board to reverse these disastrous decisions which are completely destroying the credibility of Middlesex university!

Alenka Zupancic

Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Philosophy, Scientific Research Center, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Ljubljana

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