Letter in the Guardian

From the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/27/middlesex-university-philosophy-department-closure

“The decision to close the Middlesex University philosophy department has roused the indignation of the academic community across the world (Reason for being, Education, 18 May). Rated the highest of all Middlesex’s departments in the Research Assessment Exercise, it is recognised internationally as a beacon of philosophical study.

As publishers we have benefited in many ways from the skills of those teaching at the department, and from the lively atmosphere of debate engendered across the disciplines by its work. Consequently, we feel bound to speak up in its defence. The closing of this department would be disastrous for the academic and intellectual life of this country, and we urge that the decision to do so be reconsidered.

Further, we wish to express grave concern at the suspension, on 21 May, of Professor Peter Hallward, Professor Peter Osborne and a number of Middlesex University students. We believe this to be an unwarranted and unjustifiable act of intimidation by the administration and board of governors of the university, and we call for the immediate reinstatement of suspended students and staff.”

Pete Ayrton Serpent’s Tail, Julian Baggini Philosophy Press/The Philosophers’ Magazine, Anne Beech Pluto Press, Nick Bellorini Earthscan, Ashley Biles Saqi Books, Tony Bruce Routledge, Michael Dwyer C Hurst & Co, Matthew Frost Manchester University Press, Tariq Goddard Zer0 Books, Emma Hutchinson Polity Books, Jessica Kingsley Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Michael Leaman Reaktion Books, Wendy Lochner Columbia University Press, Carol McDonald Edinburgh University Press, Tristan Palmer Acumen, Jenna Steventon IB Tauris, Rowan Wilson Verso, Caroline Wintersgill Bloomsbury Academic


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1 Response to Letter in the Guardian

  1. shirley kennedy says:

    I am absolutely behind Peter Hallward in his campaign. How wonderful that a Canadian is so concerned for our educational future.
    Shirley Kennedy

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