Theory and Event letter

24 May 2010

Dear Members of the Board:

Along with many educators and scholars throughout the world, we were horrified to learn of the suspension of faculty and students at your university. Such scornful tactics are ill-suited to the kind of intellectual inquiry and academic freedom expected of an accredited, post-1992 University.

Indeed, they are so beyond the pale of acceptable academic behaviour that we urge all responsible for the ill-conceived and unethical disregard for Professors Osborne and Hallward, as well as the students, be immediately suspended from their positions. We suggest further that those who proposed such a decision be reeducated in philosophy and critical thinking until such time that they are able to demonstrate an understanding of the place of thoughtful inquiry for academic excellence and human flourishing.
For the Editors and Board of Theory and Event,
Jodi Dean and Davide Panagia

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