McLennan letter

Dear Governors,

Having written earlier in relation to the initial decision at Middlesex, the news of the suspension of senior staff is depressing indeed. As a sociologist whose work and teaching is in the areas of social philosophy and sociology of culture, I can readily confirm the very high standing accorded to the scholarship of Professors Hallward and Osborne. It really cannot be emphasised enough that Middlesex (as an institution, but also of course, its students) is fortunate to have people of this calibre. As for their actions, they are now only doing what any academic of fibre would be ethically required to do, namely contest to the utmost a judgment that has no academic justification. In suspending them, you are in effect suspending the very idea of a university. If those of principle amongst you are not prepared or able to prevent the closure or revoke the suspensions, you should at least take the step of resigning.
Yours sincerely,

Gregor McLennan
Professor of Sociology     Director, Institute for Advanced Studies
University of Bristol      University of Bristol
12 Woodland Road           The Royal Fort House
Bristol BS8 1UQ            Bristol BS8 1UJ
Tel: 01179288214/6           Tel: 01179289171/0

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