Edwards letter

From: S.J.Edwards
Sent: 24 May 2010 13:18
To: ‘michael@partridges.org.uk’; etc.

Subject: philosophy suspensions

Dear members of the Board of Governors

The decision to close the highly regarded philosophy department at Middlesex is one of the worst academic ideas of recent times. This is not only a department with an justifiable international reputation for its work in philosophy, but is one of the few humanities departments in any field that has a real impact in the wider culture. For sheer stupidity the idea to disband this prestigious centre and close the department must rank alongside the closure of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural studies at Birmingham. It is an act of national vandalism, which shows no respect for intellectual work or the life of a University. By this action Middlesex forfeits any right to be regarded as a serious institution of learning.

I was shocked and appalled to here that the management of Middlesex University have taken the decision to suspend several members of the philosophy department and a number of named students. Management have not only demonstrated a philistine disregard for us all, but by this action have shown no regard for academic freedom. In my view the staff and students of the philosophy department have engaged in a legitimate campaign to save not only their department and not merely the reputation of your institution, but a vital hub of critical thought for us all. I urge you as governors to make the strongest representations for the repeal of these suspensions and for the reversal of the closure of this indispensible department. It’s closure is simply unconscionable.

Yours sincerely

Dr Steve Edwards
Open University

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