Leaflet and petition protesting against the suspensions

Please download, print off and distribute our new leaflet and petition protesting against Middlesex University’s outrageous decision to suspend staff and students for the ‘crime’ of campaigning to save their own jobs and courses.

About bat020

bat020 is a journalist writer and activist based in London. interests include philosophy, Marxism, mathematics, technology and dance music. go to bat020.com for long posts, @bat020 for short ones, bat020.tumblr.com for somewhere in between.
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2 Responses to Leaflet and petition protesting against the suspensions

  1. Philosophy is about thinking as clearly and insightfully as human beings can.

    Nothing demonstrates more forcefully the lack of philosophical formation of the leaders at Middlesex than their abolishing philosophy. Only people who do not appreciate the importance of thinking well, would come up with such a project.

    Once they were tempted to abolish philosophy in their university, the leaders of Middlesex should have retreated, horrified that they could even consider such a move and made philosophy mandatory for all top mangers and trustees of the university. Obviously the thinking of Middlesex leaders is deplorably deficient.

    Richard Schmitt
    Professor Emeritus, Brown University

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