ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS: Who’s afraid of philosophy? Goldsmiths/ICA event 19 May at 6:30 pm (CHANGED FROM 6 PM)

7 May 2010


I am Roberto, one of the coordinators of InC – continental philosophy research group based at Goldsmiths, London:

We have been following the shocking situation at MDX and we decided to support the campaign with an event at ICA (please see the blurb below).

We will start publicising this from Monday and we would like to share this with you and invite you to participate and contribute. The event is structured as a panel chaired by Dr A Toscano, with interventions by Prof A Duttmann, Prof P Osborne, Prof Alex Callinicos, Dr N Power and Ali Alizadeh.

Hope to meet/discuss/protest together,

for any question or info please don’t hesitate to contact me,

yours in solidarity,

Roberto Cavallini
& the InC team

Who’s afraid of philosophy?

An InC event in support of Middlesex Philosophy

19th of May, 6:30 pm (CHANGED FROM 6 PM), Nash Room, ICA, London

In response to the recent and shocking plans by Middlesex University to close down its Philosophy Department, this event seeks to lend its support to the campaign through an open panel for discussion and debate on the current threats to philosophy and critical thought. The urgency for mobilization and protest in solidarity with Middlesex demands that the broader intellectual, artistic and academic international community come together to tackle this alarming state of affairs.

The panel will be chaired by Dr Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths) with interventions by Prof Alexander Garcia Duttmann (Goldsmiths), Prof Alex Callinicos (King’s College), Prof Peter Osborne (Middlesex),  Dr Nina Power (Roheampton University) and Ali Alizadeh (PhD Student at MDX Phil) and other guests.

Organized by InC – continental philosophy research group –

Hosted by ICA – Institute for Contemporary Arts –

With the support of the Graduate School, Goldsmiths

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5 Responses to ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS: Who’s afraid of philosophy? Goldsmiths/ICA event 19 May at 6:30 pm (CHANGED FROM 6 PM)

  1. David says:

    Just to let you know it’s:

    not ica dot org

  2. Roberto says:


    The event will start at 18.30, instead of 18 as previously announced.


    & the InC Team

  3. andrew mcgettigan says:

    This is in danger of being a missed opportunity. This has the potential to be a public event at which the broader significance of the dispute and the influence of CRMEP can be addressed. It doesn’t need several philosophers repeating each other – it needs public figures from outside academia stating why philosophy and CRMEP matters.

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