Upcoming Events: Eyal Weizman, Tariq Ali

FRIDAY: Roundtable Discussion with Eyal Weizman

We are happy to welcome Eyal Weizman, the Director of the Centre of Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, Paulo Tavares, Lorenzo Pezzani, Godofredo Nobre and
Yazan Khalili to the Mansion Occupation on Friday evening. They will be participating in a roundtable titles as ‘How to make an occupation work? A number of perverse lessons from colonialism and resistance…”

SATURDAY: Tariq Ali- “Kentucky Fried Education: The Market Assault on Reason”

We’re very pleased to announce that the writer and activist Tariq Ali is coming to the saveMDXphil occupation this Saturday 15 May, 3:30pm, to speak on the struggle against neoliberalism in higher education. Tariq Ali is an editor of the New Left Review and was a leading light of the 1968 radical student movement.

To get to the Trent Park campus, head to Oakwood tube station at the north end of the Piccadilly line and take the free shuttle bus.

Facebook event here. Do indicate if you’re coming and invite your friends!

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12 Responses to Upcoming Events: Eyal Weizman, Tariq Ali

  1. Bobby says:

    I’m a student at Wolverhampton University and am very shocked to here about what’s happening at Middlesex University…. I’m of an older generation of students… I’m 39 years old and just staring a new course in Philosophy. I wish I had come across this discipline in my youth but in my younger days we were not given the opportunity to study this discipline. If I had I’m sure my life here in the UK would have been much better and I myself would be much more enlightened. It shames me to call myself a British Citizen when we are ripping apart the one discipline that should be taught to everyone throughout the world… my fellow colleagues from Europe were shocked to here we are not introduced to this discipline until our College and University years; when they come across Philosophy in school!!!! And now to find these despicable management companies.. University administrations having control over what should and should not be taught according to what is more feasible in monetary gains to such institutions –I must say is frankly quite despicable
    I shall be visiting Middlesex University this weekend to show my support on behalf of the Philosophy students of Wolverhampton University. but I wish Thatcher’s children would wake up and realise that we the older generation are here to support you but this is your time to come to the fore and take over the fight and protest against what is happening here at Middlesex University…..
    Thank you for every loving soul that has taken the time it read my feeble attempt to make people take notice. Good evening and my best wishes with all the loving supporters of this protest face book page. Xxxx

  2. J-dV. says:

    Any chance it’s being filmed and put online for the rest of us?

    • Patrick says:

      Here here! Try to put video of your various speaker events online, it can only generate more publicity and support for your efforts. Comrades in New York are following your struggle!

  3. Jay says:

    Eyal Weizman? Awesome. Will make sure London architecture types know about this on Twitter.

  4. curious says:

    I mean, I know the red and black flag risked ‘giving people the wrong idea’ etc but just cropping it off the picture with that new, hideous black banner? ODD.

    • charlesquane says:

      Actually, we were just trying to find a way to keep that message up somewhere permanently, and the banner was the easiest thing to edit… Will try to figure out another way to do it.

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  9. Dan says:


    I’ll be studying on the midx modern european phil MA next year and am experienced in WordPress, so I’m very happy to help out in any tech problems for this site.

    A sticky post plugin like WP-Sticky should keep the relevant post at the top of the index page. Otherwise, if you want to float a bit of text over the banner and not just write it on top of an image in photoshop, type in something to the blog description and float over it in the banner code. Email me if you’re stuck or want someone to take over a bit!

    Keep the campaign strong!
    Sorry I can’t be behind the barricades myself right now…

  10. Dan says:

    ok, well the blog ate up the php snippet i wrote for you! If you’d like help, just email.

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