Radical Poetry

On Wednesday evening at 7.00pm, we’ll be having a performance of contemporary radical poetry by Sean Bonney. Some others from his network of radical poets might be coming along as well. Do come along and enjoy the power of the spoken word!

About suicideally

DJ, philosophy student, flâneuse.
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2 Responses to Radical Poetry

  1. Hello from Radio Deleuze/ the Guattari Complex/ ___ I’ve added links to Radio Deleuze and the Guattari Complex in support (the petition etcetera)of your struggle to keep the philosophy department open. best of luck and don’t give up_ you may have a long battle ahead as what’s happening over there is also happening all over the place in many differing ways.

    Clifford Duffy

  2. Jacqui Thewless says:

    I wonder about the legal basis under which the present Management retains its authority. Clearly, no one who counts can have confidence in their judgement. Should they not, as a body, be obliged to resign? This would be an important legal test-case, I think.

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