Writing to the Board

A few people have asked us about writing to the board of governors. We believe the time has indeed come to start sending letters and emails to the board and hence we urge you all to write to them. Feel free to copy and paste some information from our website. Their email addresses are:

michael@partridges.org.uk; A.Gajownik@mdx.ac.uk; A.Durant@mdx.ac.uk; thelindens@googlemail.com; andrew.parsons@rlb-law.com; avrobinson1@tiscali.co.uk; l_spence1@sky.com; Bridget.Rulski@guardian.co.uk; colin.hughes@guardian.co.uk; T.Cockerton@mdx.ac.uk; P.A.Johnson@mdx.ac.uk; jritterman@blueyonder.co.uk; dinagray@btinternet.com; j.alleyne@mdx.ac.uk; geoff.lambert2@ntlworld.com; W.Ahmad@mdx.ac.uk; J.Compton-Bishop@mdx.ac.uk; j.mulroy1@btinternet.com; K.A.Bell@mdx.ac.uk; lorna.cocking@btinternet.com; M.House@mdx.ac.uk; M.Keen@mdx.ac.uk; m.driscoll@mdx.ac.uk; PeterCheeseman1@aol.com; Peter.Thomas2@justice.gsi.gov.uk; RS1000@live.mdx.ac.uk; stephen.hand@lr.org; s.knight@mdx.ac.uk; T.Kelly@mdx.ac.uk; T.Butland@mdx.ac.uk; e.esche@mdx.ac.uk


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3 Responses to Writing to the Board

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  2. Ada Beatriz Gallicchio kroef says:

    Infelizmente, o que está em jogo é a relação capitalista entre custo -benefício. Universidade-empresa que, tem dado sinais, do que menos interessa é aprodução de conhecimento… Com indiganação, Subscrevo-me, Prof. Dr. Ada Kroef

  3. Richard T. W. Arthur says:

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    I am writing to add my voice to those asking you to reconsider your decision to close all Philosophy programmes at your institution. I have read that this decision was reached on “purely financial” grounds. This is absolutley not the way a responsible institution of higher learning should be deciding what it is valuable for students to be learning. The need for the education in critical reasoning and the ability to assess values is just as acute now as it has ever been, and this is precisely what philosophy provides. Had universities adopted closed philosophy departments in the Middle Ages because they could not see the profit in them, science would have made no progress since then.

    There have always been administrators tempted by the false idea that the point of education is to yield a direct profit, but thankfully good sense has prevailed. Let us hope it does so again here. Given the poverty of the justification you have offered for this decision, and the unfavourable publicity for Middlesex that it has attracted, I implore you you to reconsider.

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