Timetable for Sunday

12.00pm Daniel Renwick: Criminalising Dissent

1.00pm Plenary discussion on university occupations and protest movements

2.00pm Andrew McGettiganPolitical Remembrance – the place of Proust in Walter Benjamin’s concept of history // Simon Brind: Thinking Like a Bastard

3.00pm Ozlem Onaran: Global Crises and Socio-Economic Alternatives

4.00pm Plenary discussion

6.00pm Jim Wolfreys: The New Spirit of Capitalism – domination and critique in the post-1968 era

7.00pm Lynne Segal

8.00pm Tom Eyers: Lacan’s Écrits // Vijak Haddadi: Participation from Plato to the Present

9.00pm Film showing: The Coca-Cola Case


About suicideally

DJ, philosophy student, flâneuse.
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2 Responses to Timetable for Sunday

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    • suicideally says:

      Thanks for your words and pictures! One of the speakers at the CRMEP observed that Trent Park was ‘the country seat of Continental Philosophy’, which tickled me.

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