Press Round-up

There’s a new article by Lynne Segal (who came to speak to us today) up on the Guardian’s site. See also Friday’s piece by Frederika Whitehead.

There is an article in the Observer today (although please approach the figures with caution – please read in conjunction with our Finance FAQ).

There’s an article by Graeme Paton in the Telegraph. We’re also on BBC World Service (starts at 41.12). And there’s more coverage in Socialist Worker and the Morning Star.

From the blogosphere, there is a particularly excellent letter from John Protevi, which identifies key financial and policy elements of relevance to this struggle.

Last but not least, the Times Higher Education supplement has run several articles on the Middlesex campaign. There’s a news story on 6 May about the protest letter signed by Badiou, Butler, Zizek and others. Earlier news articles appeared on 1 May and 5 May.


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