Meeting with Management

From the student occupation committee:
At 2pm, a student delegation met with Margaret House (Deputy VC), Waqar Ahmad (Deputy VC of Research and Enterprise) and Edward Esche (Dean of Arts and Education).

After the management panel refused to reconsider the decision to close Philosophy, the meeting ended without resolution.

The occupation continues.  A programme of events will begin tomorrow, transforming the Trent Park Mansion building into ‘Transversal Space’ for experimental theory and cultural presentations (programme to be distributed shortly).


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1 Response to Meeting with Management

  1. Elin Simonson says:

    ‘Transversal Space’ is an incredibly impressive and important move for philosophy everywhere. But more important to philosophy everywhere and most pressingly in the UK, is to reverse the decision of the closure of the philosophy department at Middlesex. If Transversal Space is to mean anything at all, it has to be understood in a context wherein philosophy has a place. With the closure of Middlesex philosophy, this context is shrinking hard and fast. With the support and momentum that you have inspired, in the mainstream media, internet social forums and in your campus head quarters, it should be more than possible to save the Middlesex philosophy department, and set the standard against the trend.

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