Students in Occupation in the Boardroom

From the student occupation committee:

Last week, we were invited to a meeting with Dean of Arts Ed Esche and Deputy VC Margaret House at 10.30 on Tuesday 4th May (the day before our deadlines), to address our concerns about the closure of our Philosophy Department.  Rearranging our commitments at great inconvenience to ourselves, we arrived at the campus for the meeting, only to find it that they had cancelled it the night before.

Security attempted to stop us entering the corridor and called the police, however the police decided to take no action. The students are now sitting in the board room (around 5 feet from the Dean’s office door), waiting for the Dean to show up and address our concerns.

Students are unanimous in our demand: allow us the meeting you promised us.  We have voted unanimously to remain here in occupation in protest of the refusal to meet us.

[see for more photos]


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8 Responses to Students in Occupation in the Boardroom

  1. Nina Power says:

    This just sent to me:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We are writing to express our dismay at your decision to close the
    philosophy program at Middlesex University.

    Despite our geographic distance, many of us at Cornell have had the
    pleasure to work with students and faculty from Middlesex. In particular,
    Middlesex philosophy has had a marked impact on those of us in Cornell’s
    Theory Reading Group—an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty
    working in philosophy, literary theory, and related fields. The Theory
    Reading Group has historical ties with young philosophers in the UK,
    including Middlesex faculty, students, and graduates. We have invited
    Middlesex faculty and students to our conferences, and the department’s
    groundbreaking work in Continental philosophy has influenced our own.

    The initial reactions to the philosophy department’s closing have tried to
    quantify the importance of that program by citing its statistical
    strengths in a number of areas. We are writing to put a face to those
    figures, to let you know that we have witnessed firsthand the high quality
    of thought that those quantitative measures only approximate. We believe
    that our own experience with Middlesex philosophy demonstrates that the
    department’s “internationally recognized” reputation is more than brochure
    boilerplate. We further contend that the scholarship and scholars
    produced at Middlesex have made a measurable contribution to thought well
    beyond the walls of their home institution.

    Given the prominence and importance of the philosophy program at
    Middlesex, we believe that it would be an error to close that department,
    and we urge you to reconsider your decision.


    The Theory Reading Group
    Cornell University

    Kevin Attell
    Assistant Professor of English

    Karen Benezra
    PhD. Candidate, Romance Studies

    Jacob Brogan
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Cynthia Chase
    Professor of English and Comp. Lit.

    Rebecca Colesworthy
    Faculty Fellow / Assistant Professor, NYU

    Bradley Depew
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Ryan Dirks
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Paul Flaig
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Martin Hägglund
    Harvard Society of Fellows

    John Hicks
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Aaron Hodges
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Julie Joosten
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Jess Keiser
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Rob Lehman
    Department of Cinema, Photography & Media Arts, Ithaca College

    Ari Linden
    PhD. Candidate, German Studies

    Tracy McNulty
    Associate Professor of Romance Studies and Comp. Lit.

    Douglas McQueen-Thomson
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Klas Molde
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Liron Mor
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Fernanda Negrete
    PhD. Candidate, Romance Studies

    Seth Perlow
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Sarah Pickle
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Dan Sinykin
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Robin J. Sowards
    Assistant Professor of English, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

    Christine Suwendy
    PhD. Candidate, English

    Tatiana Sverjensky
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Johannes Wankhammer
    PhD. Candidate, German Studies

    Audrey Wasser
    PhD. Candidate, Comp. Lit.

    Brad Zukovic
    PhD. Candidate, English

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  4. Michael Ulman says:

    Pictures of the current student occupation of the boardroom at Trent Park against the axing of the Philosophy Department and the Dean’s refusal to meet the students can be seen at
    click on the pictures for larger views

  5. Good luck comrades and stay strong!

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  7. Ian Saville says:

    Congratulations on your resistance to this round of cuts. I will be coming in to the University tomorrow to teach on the Theatre Arts course, and would be happy to provide some socialist magic entertainment for the occupying students.

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