Write to protest against the closure decision

If you want to help stop the closure of philosophy at Middlesex, there are two simple actions you can do right away. The first is to sign the online petition protesting against the closure decision. We’ve had over 8,000 signatures already!

The second is to write to people responsible for the decision to tell them how you feel. Please send a brief email or letter to the following four people. Feel free to extract some points from the petition text. And if you’re happy for you letter to be posted in part or full on this blog, then BCC it to us at savemdxphil@gmail.com

The people to email are:

Michael Driscoll, vice-chancellor of the university – m.driscoll@mdx.ac.uk
Waqar Ahmad, deputy vice-chancellor, research and enterprise – w.ahmad@mdx.ac.uk
Margaret House, deputy vice-chancellor, academic – m.house@mdx.ac.uk
Ed Esche, dean of the School of Arts & Education – e.esche@mdx.ac.uk

You can just copy and paste this list into your email program:

m.driscoll@mdx.ac.uk; w.ahmad@mdx.ac.uk; m.house@mdx.ac.uk; e.esche@mdx.ac.uk


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3 Responses to Write to protest against the closure decision

  1. Des Freedman says:

    From: 22 members of academic staff in the Department of Media and
    Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London

    To: Michael Driscoll

    We are academics in the Department of Media and Communications at
    Goldsmiths, University of London who are horrified by the decision to
    close Philosophy programmes at Middlesex. As you well know, Philosophy is
    the highest research-rated subject at your University, with 65% of its
    research activity judged ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ in
    the last RAE. The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy is, as
    your own website rightly points out, ‘the leading centre for postgraduate
    level study and doctoral research in Continental Philosophy in the London
    area’ and has a deserved international reputation.

    We understand that the decision to close the programmes was made not
    because they are in deficit but because of a strategic decision to focus
    on higher-band programmes. We also understand that the Dean of the School
    of Arts and Humanities acknowledged the excellent research reputation of
    Philosophy at Middlesex, but said that it made no ‘measurable’
    contribution to the University.

    We deplore such a statement and urge you to reconsider your decision to
    pursue what we believe can only be described as a clear case of academic

    Professor Sara Ahmed
    Professor Chris Berry
    Dr Lisa Blackman
    Professor Nick Couldry
    Tim Crook
    Professor James Curran
    Dr Kay Dickinson
    Dr Tony Dowmunt
    Professor Natalie Fenton
    Dr Des Freedman
    Dr Janet Harbord
    Dr Julian Henriques
    Dr Sarah Kember
    Peter Lee-Wright
    Professor Angela McRobbie
    Dr Liz Moor
    Dr Rachel Moore
    Angela Phillips
    Dr Richard Smith
    Dr Gareth Stanton
    Dr Pasi Valiaho
    Dr Joanna Zylinska

  2. Concerned says:

    Mr Driscoll,
    Mr Ahmad,
    Ms House,
    Mr Esche

    I am frankly astonished by your decision to close your best known department, one which earns you such respect in academic circles in this country and internationally, with an unparalleled reputatiuon for excellent publications, graduate courses and seminars, which do such credit to your institution and their subject.

    It seem particularly perverse to close down such a world-renowned department because according to your management accounting calculations the department is two percent short of the 55 % you require it to return to central funds.

    If that’s the sticking point may I make a suggestion. The sums you and your senior management colleagues would need to chip in from your substantial salaries to make up the cost between 53 per cent and 55 per cent would save several jobs and the reputation of your University. A bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. fahmid says:

    Philosophy is the mother of all disciplines. Without philosophy, we won’t understand any academic disciplines at all. I am horrified to know that the department of philosophy is going to be closed.

    In the world of capitalism and consumerism, this is not an abrupt decision. All academic disciplines are going to organize themselves around production and consumption. As a result, knowledge based disciplines such as philosophy; history, literature etc are losing its attraction to the face of capitalism and consumerism. I strongly protest against this decision.

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